Team Augmentation Program


While we continue to develop software for a variety of clients, from websites, APPs to dedicated platforms, Invert wishes to deliver the option to have your very own dedicated developer. 

More and more clients see the benefit of having their own dedicated ressource. Inverts ambition is to secure quality developers on favorable and flexible terms throughout Europe.

While an external ressource, clients report a high level of satisfaction with our developers and flexible terms and conditions.


  • First and foremost, our high end developer community normally cost half of the resource cost in Europe / USA.
  • You are not hiring our full time dedicated developers, you are leasing them on flexible terms. That means no long hiring processes, no social security costs and no firing.
  • Add or remove developer ressources as you need them within 1 day!.
  • Developer resources on all levels, from beginner to senior developers with +12 years of developer and project management experience.
  • Simple hiring process via ZOOM interview – 5 days FREE trial to secure the perfect fit!
  • Our developers are specialists within their field of expertise / tech stack. For any surplus development need, your dedicated developer can pull knowledge and help from +100 in-house specialist developers and +1000 community developers..

Søger du en partner som kan levere kvalitets udviklere på fleksible og favorable vilkår?

Kontakt os idag og lad os tage en uforpligtende snak omkring dine muligheder.


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2300 Copenhagen