Project Agreement “Villa Alegria”

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Daily:  9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Weekends & Holidays: Closed !


Issued: 16.02.2023
Expires: 21.02.2023

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Thomas Sørensen


Elements of agreement

Quotes in this project agreement are tailored and specific for Henrik Ruby based on previous collaboration with Henrik. As such this offer may not be discussed or shared with any 3rd party.

Quotes on maintenance subject to selection at time of project start.

Payment terms 100% net payment on completion and final testing. Estimated end of December 2023.

Pending final result, a bonus of up to 25% can be achieved based on agreed KPIs  (appendix #2)

All quotes totalling DKK 450.000,00 exclusive of any applicable VAT.

1. Design and technical foundation

Covers the full design process including Cad3, Design manual, full measurements and technical drawings.

2. Phase 1

Full project website with live video coverage of the full build process including weekly status raports and contingency analysis.

Full Project management (max. 9 months)


DKK 160.000

3. Contact foundation

 Full contact list for contractor, Technical architect, interior designer, light architect and management of dialogue.

DKK 110.000

4. Broker

Identification, agreement and management of Broker on 6 month exclusive contract.


DKK 65.000


Prags Boulevard 49
2300 Copenhagen